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Support Tutorials

Support Tutorials

Datility Networks provides these support tutorials to assist customers with common questions and to guide customers through solutions to common problems.

Our goal is to make these tutorials as simple and straightforward as possible. We are always looking for ways to improve and expand these tutorials. Please let us know if you have trouble following a particular tutorial or find a specific part of a tutorial confusing.

Email Defense - Common Questions
This document provides answers to numerous common questions we receive from customers regarding the Email Defense service.

Email Defense - Introduction to the Email Defense Portal
This document describes how to use numerous features of the Email Defense website. Please review the notes provided below each screenshot to familiarize yourself with the Email Defense portal.

Using Secure FTP with Miva Merchant
Standard FTP connections transmit your username, your password, AND your data without any type of security. If you are going to use FTP to access your Miva Merchant data, be sure to establish a secure FTP connection to prevent unauthorized access to your ecommerce data! These tutorials demonstrate how to establish a secure SSL connection to your Miva Merchant FTP account using several popular FTP clients.

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