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Customer Support

Support Resources

Network Status
If you are experiencing problems with DNI hosting services, please check our network status page before submitting a support request. We may already be working to resolve the problem.

Helpful Resources - How to Configure Your Email Client
Please review these tutorials if you are unable to check your email or if you are unable to send email from your computer. These pages demonstrate how to setup various email clients and list common error messages. You can also use the DNI Webmail site to access your DNI email account.

Helpful Resources - Support Tutorials
Visit this area for answers to other helpful resources, including how to setup Secure FTP connections.

Online Support Request
If you need assistance, please submit an online support request to open a trouble ticket.

Helpdesk Login
Login to the helpdesk to view status of current tickets. Contact support if you would like a login.

Download Remote Support Client
The remote support client allows DNI customer support temporary access to your computer desktop so that we may assist you with technical issues.

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